Dance Moves   

in collaboration with Naomi Morris

Theatre Entrance Space at the Old Fire Station 

24th September – 13th October 2019
Viewing with artist: Friday 11th October 6.30-7.30pm
Naomi Performance on Sunday 13th October – booking required

colour reflection #2

colour reflection #2

Hugh and Naomi started working together in 2016 as part of her OVADA summer residency with the pouring of fluorescent paint and corn starch under an ultraviolet light. The movement of the paint was captured to video as it enveloped the contour of her body to initially abstract her form and then gradually illuminate her and bring her out of the darkness.

From this a series of improvised movement sequences were photographed using UV laser light to scan the motion with long exposure photography.

This was further developed to capture more subtle aspects of dance motion using a combination of reflective body paints and carefully positioned fluorescent strip lights, and microprocessor controlled LED lighting to record fleeting reflections as a web of surface textures as they move through time.

All the photographs here are signed digital giclée prints on Hahnemühle photo rag mounted on high density board and are available for sale. Please enquire at the shop.

Research and Development

Creating motion blurred images using video editing techniques – watch this space!

Willow tree on Aston’s Eyot

Neither Use Nor Ornament

Neither Use Nor Ornament - exhibition at OVADA gallery, Oxford

I’ve been experimenting with bottles, lights and gallons of water – come and see my piece ‘Lung Tonic’ for Neither Use Nor Ornament.

Experimental Light Art

Hugh Pryor creates experimental light art that explores movement to produce exciting imagery and sculptural artworks. As an interdisciplinary artist Hugh uses technology and different media to explore forces of nature against a man made environment.

Hugh Pryor experimental photographic artist - electroluminescent wire
Hugh Pryor experimental photographic artist - laser in tree