My practice includes experimental photographic techniques for recording the passage of time and motion using digital slit scanning from video, lasers and naturally occurring slithers and slices.

These techniques record time in an unusual way that’s fascinating to explore, and appeals to my scientific and experimental approach to visual art.

I am inspired by his surroundings, exploring phenomena such as wind, trees, clouds, water and turbulence; human activities with traffic, pedestrians and the fair ground, life on the river; and the human figure with dance and movement using the laser and ultraviolet fluorescence to capture ephemeral glimmers of moving light.

I am a consummate experimenter – recently I’ve been making cyanotypes with a UV Laser to record caustics through water filled glasses. I turned a WWII pill box into a camera obscura with opticians lenses and blackout material (before being chased away by cows!). Discovering the joys of computerless fractal generation with a photocopier and video feedback, which intrigued many at the Psychedelic Circus. My badger excavated bottle collection from a pre-war rubbish dump have been converted to bayonet LED filament light bulbs, making awesome wedding presents.

I live and work in Oxford with my dog. I studied animation at The Surrey Institute in Farnhan and continue to practice drawing and cartooning. My work has been shown both in the UK and internationally, and I am often commissioned as an artist for murals and posters. I attend weekly life drawing sessions.

If you wish to contact me for commissions, collaborations, exhibitions or just to say hello – please email me on email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Hugh Pryor 2017

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