Sheet Dip

“Sheet Dip”, part of the Arkitektoniske Kramper exhibition at OVADA in November 2016 by brook and black, provided an ideal opportunity for me to photograph water that was moving in a very controlled way: two bed sheets were attached to a frame and repeatedly dipped in and out of a trough under the control of an industrial electric motor and controller with switches.

Looking close up we see water catching the light from behind turning each point of light into a converging streak.

On a long exposure the streaks form a lattice of light as the sheet moves upwards with the drops converging, dripping and accelerating.

Black dye was added to the water which gave the drips a red colour and increased the contrast on the water surface – the diverging bubbles which formed spread from the source and formed spider-like structures.

Speaker Swinging


Gordon Monohan’s speaker swinging performed at Oxford Brooke’s former Student Union as part of Audiograft on 10th March 2016. Gordon has been performing this quite awe inspiring performance since 1982. … Continue reading

Blurred plants


I’m angling for something here – and I’m not quite sure what it is. There’s something exciting that happens in the space between overlapping moving objects and I’m getting glimpses of it in these photos.

Spinning electroluminescent wire


The postman delivered 4 colours of electroluminescent wire, the battery holder, and the 4 way splitter from elwirecraft.co.uk and immediately got cracking with it. I plaited the top end and set it spinning from the rafters taking these long exposure … Continue reading

Frosty Thames Walk to Iffley


I took Ronnie out for a walk along the Thames from Donnington Bridge to the field at Kennington via Iffley Lock. It was a freezing morning and I wanted to concentrate on photographing the reflections of sunlight in the river … Continue reading

Merlin portrait


Here are a couple of pastel portraits of a lovely dog. The top one I drew from video frames as a motion study. I drew a second portrait of the same dog from a photo. These pictures were taken before … Continue reading

The Twenty Six Ronnies


So here we go – this is what happened on Port Meadow when I was out shooting with the telephoto lens and took a number of shots over about a quarter of an hour. A number of people turned up … Continue reading

Lunar Eclipse September 2015


I’ve only once photographed a lunar eclipse before but this time I stayed up half the night from penumbral encroachment until full red eclipse. I would have stayed for the rest of it but fatigue and realising I had a … Continue reading

RGB laser line generator


I have been using a 40mW red laser to take photos here and here and in the Oxford Times here. But the whole redness of it all is just a little too, well, monochrome.. So after considerable deliberation I purchased a 500 … Continue reading

Nixie Matrix


After considerable deliberation I ordered 20 IVLM1-1/7 nixie matrix tubes from Ukraine. These are glass tubes with 7 phosphor spots, each spot independently illuminatable. I considered the numbered 0-9 neon nixie tubes but they require fairly high voltage (over 100V) and for a … Continue reading

Laser storm photos


I decided I was going to photograph the wind – there was an exciting storm called Barney on and I wanted to photograph the effects of the wind on laser illuminated trees and plants blowing about in it. So I … Continue reading

The 10/10/10 Storybook Challenge


The 10/10/10 story book challenge is to write a children’s book which I will illustrate, with a maximum of 10 words per page, and maximum of 10 pages, over 10 days… A number of times people have suggested that I … Continue reading

Pluto atmosphere


Amazing panorama back from New Horizons here. I had to apply the ‘polar coordinates’ tool in Photoshop to see what the atmospheric layers looks like. What’s happening on the right hand side of the horizon? It seems there’s a bank … Continue reading

The Mark II Lamprey


  The Mark II Lamprey gets its name from the array of inward pointing fins on the air intake which superficially resemble the mouthparts of a parasitic jawless fish. The original Mark I Lamprey design had four wheels, two at the front and two … Continue reading

Cowley Road Collage


I would like to have included everything and everybody in the Cowley Road but the lack of space prevailed so we only have snippets. This collage includes (from left to right): The Dodgy Deli, Taylor’s of Oxford, Beeline Bicycles, the … Continue reading

Makeshift Tilt-shift lens


I found a scratched Minolta F1.4 lens on the bookshelf which didn’t fit my Canon camera. Not to be deterred I simply held the lens roughly in front of the camera and realised I had a makeshift tilt shift… It’s … Continue reading

Super Takumar Close Up


I accidently bought this 50mm lens thinking it was a f/1.4 and realised that it was an f/4 thinking Hooray! I have an f/1.4 er… oh… Luckily it takes excellent close ups – so I’ve been photographing things no bigger than … Continue reading

Water tank slit scans


These slit scans were made with a fish tank, some plastic strips to mask off a strip, some sheets of black paper, lots of water and some washing up liquid. I also made a stirrer using a round handled fork … Continue reading

Fractal photocopy


Simple experiment with feeding rotated copies back into the feed tray. 9 iterations of flower picture:       This ‘fern’ was cut out rather than fed through twice, and I deciced to start making marks with a felt tipped … Continue reading

LED wand at Tandem Festival


I made an LED wand as part of the Oxford Hackspace light drawing workshop and thought it would be fun to conduct a light drawing workshop. Participants drew what they wanted to ‘paint’ on a large scale in chalk on … Continue reading



Bearitania – hedonocratic benign dictatorship run by a pair of bears populated with marshmallow pigs, cola bottle penguins and singing snails. Everybody is happy and having a good time including the sun, moon and planets. Commissioned by Rob Jonson.   … Continue reading