More illustrations!

Time lapse slit scan clouds

Time lapse slit scan clouds

Time lapse slit scan clouds – taken over about 45 minutes, the lower clouds pass faster and appear like normal clouds, whereas the higher cumulus clouds are puffing out like balls of steam and forming hair-like trails. The streaks of light in the lower right are the glare from the sun.

Folding Stool



Foam board and split pin prototype for folding stool to be made from broken up palettes, which I started at the Tandem Festival with the Bicester Green workshop. Here’s the design. Next – make the thing!

OVADA warehouse textured sketchup model

I measured up the OVADA warehouse for this model and textured it with photographs of the surfaces in Sketchup. Thanks to Niko from Bambino dell ‘Oro for the awesome music played in the warehouse last year – see this; and to Adrian Pawley for creating the virtual tour.

CT scans

Rose and Carnation CT scan

Rose and carnation CT scan

Romanesque cauliflower CT scan

Romanesque cauliflower CT scan. I found the dataset on a CD and it was quite scratched so I performed some data recovery with toothpaste and vaseline. Incidently this is exactly the same cauliflower that I drew here.


Mill Stream on Thames turbulence


Turbulent patterns where the Oxford Mill Stream joins the Thames. The white streaks are debris including blossom and bubbles.

Life Drawing OVADA Spring 2014

More life drawings from OVADA.
Next term starts 16th April £10 per 2hr 30min sesh

Reykjavik to Selfoss Panorama

This landscape was recorded from 2 mins 12 seconds of footage on the journey from Reykjavik to Selfoss.
The panorama is a mirror image because the time is going from left at the beginning and right at the end. The jagged line at the top and bottom is from camera movement caused by the hákarl bumps in the road.

Here’s the journey on Google Maps – I found the exact location of the first and second junctions. The snow and haze make a big difference.

Moonlight Time Lapse

This time lapse was made using Magic Lantern with my Canon – set up overnight on Aston’s Eyot. I can be swimming across the river with my head torch as well as pointing my laser pointer across the river to great effect.

Standard 8mm showreel

Hugh Pryor’s Standard 8mm Animation Showreel with Clay, Paint and Snails.

Made on Standard 8 with various materials:

1. Luminous plasticine mushroom
2. Clocks, fimo clay and thermometer in Sunlight
3. Clay man picks his ear and falls asleep
4 .Plasticine man blinks and taps his finger
5. Painted face yawns, dies and bleeds
5. Snail evapourates in candle
7. Snails hatch and get eaten by big snail
6. Red face morph
7. Blob turns into vicar and rants
8. Roots sprout dancing mushroom

Music by Chopin:
Chopin’s Valse Op64#3
Chopin’s Polonaise Op40#1
By Vladimir Ashkenazy

Air plant


This is an air plant which feeds off air. Oddly enough even though plants generally appear to be growing out of the ground, most of their biomass is made from carbon dioxide in air – as explained by Richard Feynman here.

Hill End light writing

Niko and I went to the Hill End ‘Hollywood’ sign to do some experimental laser photography for the forthcoming festival proposed there.

Hill End sign with LEDs and laser

Hugh and Niko drew this with an LED on a sick and a red laser pointer.
The colours are created in post processing.

Hill End Colour-screen

Stacked image of about 20 long exposure photos with laser line generator and LEDs in original colour…

Hill End2b

… here with heavily adulterated colours. A bit ravey methinks!