Web Sites by Hugh Pryor

These are web sites I have designed. I am no longer taking on new web design work although I continue to maintain my existing web sites.

* Lake Associates work

What to consider:

When you’re having a web site designed you should think about what you require and how to make the most of it. Here are some questions:

Appearance – What do you want your site to look and feel like? Do you need it to look amazing with lots of graphics? Or is the content more important? Are there web sites you like the look of? If so make a list of them. Or is it something that’s never been made before?

Functionality – What do you want your site to do? Is it for advertising? or for managing your bookings? as a gallery or shop? Do you have specific technical requirements?

Content – This includes the text and what you have to say, illustrations, photographs, logos, video, audio, maps and so on. It’s important to have a clear idea about what content you already have and what needs to be created or designed – this affects the time it takes and therefor the cost of your site.

Updates – How regularly will you need them? Do you need to manage your own content? All of it? or part of it?

Branding – How is the web site going to integrate with your brand? Do you require the creation of a brand? eg logo design and templates?

Customers and Audience – Who are they and how are they going to find you?

Keeping in touch with your customers  – Social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus play an important role in this. Mailchimp allows you to safely send emails to your customers.

Your competitors – how are you different and what advantages do you have over them?