You’ve probably reached this page because I’ve sent you this link unless you found it.

I have Attention Deficit Disorder, or predominantly inattentive ADHD, which is arguably misnamed but I’m perfectly happy with such labels for the sake of convenience.

“We cannot but wonder how much richer Pooh’s life might be were he to have a trial of low-dose stimulant medication.” Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood

You might have noticed I have difficulty sticking to certain tasks or may have needed to remind me to do something one or two times too many, or I’ve completely missed a meeting, or I’ve produced a perfect result that completely misses the point.

Here are a few tips that should help us out:


If it’s not in my diary please don’t count on me being there. Please be specific with times and allow me time to put appointments in my calendar.

When it comes to payment please be specific with when you can reasonably pay me by – it’s much better to say a later time and pay me sooner than the other way round.

There’s nothing more painful and distracting than a small job that takes 6 months because of slow communications. I am at my most focussed with one job at a time, so keeping a good pace of communication is much appreciated.


I have difficulty filtering information – if you don’t know what you want then there’s absolutely no way I’m going to know. If you need something specific done then please be specific in the brief.

Chatterboxes – if I seem dazed or ‘zoned out’ when you are talking to me please leave some gaps for my mind to catch up. I might repeat something back to you that you have just said to me as if I hadn’t heard it. I need time to consciously process information.

Although I am quick at figuring things out I can be slow at verbalising them if I can’t recall specific words. Drawing usually gets round that.


I will do an excellent job at interpreting a vague brief as long as you don’t mind what the result is – I know what I can do very well and I’m quick at figuring out at how to do things.

You may need to provide a little extra supervision – not micromanaging, but putting things in the right order and being specific about times.


If you’ve recently met me please don’t think I’m being rude if I forget your name – you may need to remind me of it a couple of times more than normal.


I have a lot of talent, a lot of knowledge and an abundance of skills. The difficulty I have is with organisation and time management which when well directed goes a long way.

I have an awesome superpower called ‘hyperfocus’ which when not engaged with the internet, putting my socks on or daydreaming – I will do amazing things when the beam of hyperfocus is directed on an interesting and engaging project.

Generally I work well with other people around and form an excellent part of a team.



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