Working with Naomi Morris during her residency at OVADA August 2016. Her project which involved finding a way of pouring fluid over her figure and only showing the fluid. After much experimentation with blue screen video editing and plaster of paris, fluorescent cornstarch illuminated under UV light and filtering out the blue to reveal just the cornstarch as it moved over the contours of her figure was found to work best.

Here is the video which you can also see Naomi’s web site with more details about her project.

After making the video we took some long exposure photographs which were very effective. I used the electroluminescent wire to capture the essence of her motion. Things became really interesting when I fired up the UV laser with otherworldly effects.

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Video of electroluminescent wire in the background casting distorted silhouettes.

Following on from these tests I’ve conducted further ideas with the UV laser, trying out different colour schemes, trying out effects with casting shadows and pitching the laser at a 45 degree angle.

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