The Mark II Lamprey

The Mark II Lamprey gets its name from the array of inward pointing fins on the air intake which superficially resemble the mouthparts of a parasitic jawless fish.

The original Mark I Lamprey design had four wheels, two at the front and two at the back. However the front left and rear right wheels were deemed unnecessary and were subsequently removed along with the chassis mounts and suspension brackets.

The main engine has 5 cylinders increasing in size towards the back, with a different fuel for each cylinder: JP1 jet fuel for the small cylinder, then naphtha, kerosene, diesel and finally heavy bunker fuel for the biggest cylinder.

Conspicuously mounted on the side of and at a safe distance from the main engine block is a liquid fluorine fuelled rocket engine, fashioned from monocrystalline superalloys and brass which provides the necessary impulse to cross the finishing line in a blaze of glory, as depicted in this scene with a one wheeled tortoise and a 4 wheeled supersonic car.


The SSC Bloodhound


The hare and the lamprey


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