Hugh Pryor’s Standard 8mm Animation Showreel with Clay, Paint and Snails.

Made on Standard 8 with various materials:

1. Luminous plasticine mushroom
2. Clocks, fimo clay and thermometer in Sunlight
3. Clay man picks his ear and falls asleep
4 .Plasticine man blinks and taps his finger
5. Painted face yawns, dies and bleeds
5. Snail evapourates in candle
7. Snails hatch and get eaten by big snail
6. Red face morph
7. Blob turns into vicar and rants
8. Roots sprout dancing mushroom

Music by Chopin:
Chopin’s Valse Op64#3
Chopin’s Polonaise Op40#1
By Vladimir Ashkenazy

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