I set up my robotic scan bot on a dustbin in St Aldate’s and let the camera scan for 2 revolutions.
People looked on with bemusement and fascination. Is this guy planning a terrorist attack?

When I explained that I was making slit scans I cannot tell you the relief I saw on their faces.
Luckily there weren’t any chippy security guards with nothing better to do!

Cluster of pedestrians – they are all facing right to left, although they were in fact walking in both directions. This is because people pass the camera nose first and back last. If you were to walk past the camera backwards then you would appear facing the opposite way.

Another interesting thing about these slit scans is that the slower you walk past the camera the wider you appear, and the faster, the thinner.

This couple appeared a total of four times because they didn’t know where they were going so they walked one way, then the other, then back again and then returned.

Viewing from end on we see quite a bit of vertical distortion as they bob up and down during the walk cycle.

We see unshapley manifestations of people parts as a shoulder hovers in the slit and leaves without scanning the full figure. Notice also how the bottoms of the legs become distorted as they are caught in the stationary part of the walk cycle.

A shopper apparently unfazed by being slit scanned.

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