My projects often start off as a foray into my curiosity, based on my desire to learn something or feed into my other interests, particularly with photography and science.
From building a folding chair or plant box, or using a mobile CT scanner on my groceries, turning a WWII pillbox into a camera obscura, or  repurposing badger excavated bottles into lightbulbs – I’m always on the look out for new and interesting ideas.

Bicycle Sculpture

Myself and Roger Perkins have received funding to make a bicycle sculpture for the Oxford Big Green Day Out. We received a collection of rusty and … more

Bottle bulb chandelier

I have been walking my dog on a pre war rubbish tip where the badger population have been busy excavating bottles, jars, shoes, batteries, … more

Ultraviolet cornstarch

Working with Naomi Morris during her residency at OVADA August 2016. Her project which involved finding a way of pouring fluid over her figure and … more

Psychedelic Circus at The Cellar

The Psychedelic Circus at The Cellar, Oxford was a wonderfully eclectic event organised by Dot and Maya, which enabled me to showcase my fractal … more

Pillbox Camera Obscura

When I first visited a pillbox along the Thames at Appleton (OSGB grid reference SP 413011) I noticed that the view was being very … more

Bottle Bulb

It’s about time I revealed my hoarding of bottles which started with casually finding a bovril bottle and it’s now ballooned out of control … more

RGB laser line generator

I have been using a 40mW red laser to take photos here and here and in the Oxford Times here. But the whole redness of it … more

Nixie Matrix

After considerable deliberation I ordered 20 IVLM1-1/7 nixie matrix tubes from Ukraine. These are glass tubes with 7 phosphor spots, each spot independently illuminatable. I … more

Fractal photocopy

Simple experiment with feeding rotated copies back into the feed tray. 9 iterations of flower picture:       This ‘fern’ was cut out … more

Rickshaw ride to Hill End

Ride to Hill End highlighting the route with electrolminescent wire on Martine Votvik’s custom built rickshaw. … more

Finished the Folding Stool!

After a long deliberation with the stool held together with screws, I decided to go for the wooden dowels and glue option. Foam board … more

OVADA warehouse sketchup

I measured up the OVADA warehouse for this model and textured it with photographs of the surfaces in Sketchup. Thanks to Niko from Bambino … more

Paper Folding

After exploring a few paper folding techniques from Paul Jackson’s book “Folding Techniques for Designers” I decided to make a light shade from one … more

Video feedback fractals

Video feedback is made by pointing a video camera at a screen which is displaying it’s own output. You see spirals and circles which … more

Schleiren Photography

These photographs are made using 2 mirrors with a 60 inch focal length and a point light source with red and blue filters on … more

Pinhole SLR photography

Been having unattainable fantasies about what lenses I want for my camera. Do I want a 500mm telephoto? a top of the range tilt … more

Sheep Trails

These drawings are created from a sheep trail simulator. The light and dark areas in an image represented the abundance of grass, and the … more

Vegetable CT Scan

I was just minding my own business on the way back from the supermarket when I chanced across a mobile CT scanner. I popped … more

Exploding Birthday Cake!

To make the ultimate birthday cake for Pat’s 70th, Roger, Alan and Ped conspired to create a cake with a difference… Firstly we experimented … more

The World’s Biggest "IF"

This was an attempt to answer the question: “What is the world’s biggest ‘IF’?” The letters for the ‘IF’ are 70 miles tall. The … more

Ant drawing

I found a colony of ants in a flower pot, and wanted to know if you could make a drawing from the trails of … more