When I first visited a pillbox along the Thames at Appleton (OSGB grid reference SP 413011) I noticed that the view was being very blurredly projected onto the ricochet wall. I thought this small wartime construction would make an excellent camera obscura if I returned with some lenses and blackout material. So I phoned around various opticians and the technician from  PB Conway responded enthusiastically and provided me with a set of varying focal length blanks.

I made a cardboard lens holder and brought some blackout material which worked well for blocking off the doorway. I found some cardboard beer boxes in the pill box which  worked well for blocking out the gun holes.


After capturing images from different ports I moved on to another pillbox which was being used as a cow shed. I took probably the world’s first ever pillbox camera obscura selfie before discovering that I was surrounded by inquisitive bullocks. Time I think to leave!

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