Light Drawing Workshop

Here we go – we had a light drawing workshop last night at the OVADA warehouse with Oxford Hack Space which involved Tim Stephen’s … more

Tree scan

This is a tree scanned by electroluminescent wire: … more

Laser on tree in gale

The pattern is a record of the branches and twigs swaying to and fro in and out of the laser line. … more

Roundabout Tree

This was the result of experimenting on a roundabout in a playground with bike lights. … more

More birds on Port Meadow

The charcoal lines are the traces of birds flying into Port Meadow, Oxford. In the 36 seconds represented in this image, the birds fly … more

Bird trails on Port Meadow

Trails of birds, like black fireflies fly in and land on the flooded part of Port Meadow. 24×13.5cm giclĂ©e print @ … more

Didcot demolition 2014

Three cooling towers from Didcot Power Station were demolished one early morning in July 2014. This was videoed from Wittenham Clumps after staying up … more

Artweeks at OVADA

I’m showing some prints at the OVADA warehouse for Artweeks starting with the private view on Thursday 8th May at 6pm – all welcome! … more

Mill Stream on Thames turbulence

Turbulent patterns where the Oxford Mill Stream joins the Thames. The white streaks are debris including blossom and bubbles. Print for sale here. … more

Reykjavik to Selfoss Panorama

This landscape was recorded from 2 mins 12 seconds of footage on the journey from Reykjavik to Selfoss. The panorama is a mirror image … more

Moonlight Time Lapse

This time lapse was made using Magic Lantern with my Canon – set up overnight on Aston’s Eyot. I can be swimming across the … more

Hill End light writing

Niko and I went to the Hill End ‘Hollywood’ sign to do some experimental laser photography for the forthcoming festival proposed there. … more

Oxford Hackspace Stammtisch

Powered by Zoomify The slit scan camera was set up by the entrance of the OVADA warehouse pointing towards the front door and the … more

Brill Hill Windmill

All the newspapers said that the Aurora Borealis would be visible tonight because the sun had recently spewed out a coronal mass ejection. Armed … more

Oxford Skyline Zoom

A zoom lens brings you closer to everything, and saves the trouble of scaling walls to get closer to the roof features. In this … more

Laser illuminated sculptures

Laser illumination creates interesting lighting effects. The light source is projected to the object which illuminates it’s surroundings from the point of illumination. So … more