Reflection studies

Naomi Morris with reflected light with captured motion

These images are made by taking long exposures of models painted in black oil.   … more

Ultraviolet cornstarch

Working with Naomi Morris during her residency at OVADA August 2016. Her project which involved finding a way of pouring fluid over her figure and … more

Pillbox Camera Obscura

When I first visited a pillbox along the Thames at Appleton (OSGB grid reference SP 413011) I noticed that the view was being very … more

Vivid EP album cover

Rachel Ruscombe-King asked me to make a cover for her first album Vivid EP so I thought some photography with electroluminescent wire in a stream … more

Cyanotypes at EMF Camp 2016

This was an excellent opportunity to experiment with cyanotypes and document activities at EMF Camp, a festival for hackers and makers. I used my … more

Blurred plants

I’m angling for something here – and I’m not quite sure what it is. There’s something exciting that happens in the space between overlapping … more

Electroluminescent tree

Second experiment with electroluminescent wire in a tree. The yellow image is a train passing by the railway line. … more

Sheet Dip

“Sheet Dip”, part of the Arkitektoniske Kramper exhibition at OVADA in November 2016 by brook and black, provided an ideal opportunity for me to … more

Spinning electroluminescent wire

The postman delivered 4 colours of electroluminescent wire, the battery holder, and the 4 way splitter from and immediately got cracking with it. … more

Frosty Thames Walk to Iffley

I took Ronnie out for a walk along the Thames from Donnington Bridge to the field at Kennington via Iffley Lock. It was a … more

The Twenty Six Ronnies

So here we go – this is what happened on Port Meadow when I was out shooting with the telephoto lens and took a … more

Lunar Eclipse September 2015

I’ve only once photographed a lunar eclipse before but this time I stayed up half the night from penumbral encroachment until full red eclipse. … more

RGB laser line generator

I have been using a 40mW red laser to take photos here and here and in the Oxford Times here. But the whole redness of it … more

Laser storm photos

I decided I was going to photograph the wind – there was an exciting storm called Barney on and I wanted to photograph the … more

Cowley Road Collage

I would like to have included everything and everybody in the Cowley Road but the lack of space prevailed so we only have snippets. … more

Makeshift Tilt-shift lens

I found a scratched Minolta F1.4 lens on the bookshelf which didn’t fit my Canon camera. Not to be deterred I simply held the … more

Super Takumar Close Up

I accidently bought this 50mm lens thinking it was a f/1.4 and realised that it was an f/4 thinking Hooray! I have an f/1.4 … more

Water tank slit scans

These slit scans were made with a fish tank, some plastic strips to mask off a strip, some sheets of black paper, lots of … more

LED wand at Tandem Festival

I made an LED wand as part of the Oxford Hackspace light drawing workshop and thought it would be fun to conduct a light … more

BASEPLATE- Dead Rat Orchestra

  Time lapse of boat journey from Donnington Bridge to Walton Well bridge via Osney Lock and Isis Lock . The last stretch was … more

Canal tunnel and staircase

Crick tunnel illuminated with an LED torch, a hurricane lamp and the boat that was following us. 25x speed time lapse. Near the top … more

Oxford Times front page!

Using lasers to augment reality with digital whimsy! Light painting workshop on the Oxford Times front page by Andrew Walmsley. I like the title … more