The many processes with drawing with light which I find exciting but I have only scratched the surface of the possibilities.

I have been creating light drawings by taking long exposure photographs with torches, LEDs, laser pointers, a home made pixelstick, flourescent pigments under ultraviolet light, electroluminescent wire, not to mention Christmas tree lights. I have also used digital video processing to create interesting effects with motion trails.

Subjects include natural phenomena such as trees in the wind, flights of birds and turbulent water.

Reflection studies

Naomi Morris with reflected light with captured motion

These images are made by taking long exposures of models painted in black oil.   … more

Vivid EP album cover

Rachel Ruscombe-King asked me to make a cover for her first album Vivid EP so I thought some photography with electroluminescent wire in a stream … more

Electroluminescent tree

Second experiment with electroluminescent wire in a tree. The yellow image is a train passing by the railway line. … more

Spinning electroluminescent wire

The postman delivered 4 colours of electroluminescent wire, the battery holder, and the 4 way splitter from and immediately got cracking with it. … more

LED wand at Tandem Festival

I made an LED wand as part of the Oxford Hackspace light drawing workshop and thought it would be fun to conduct a light … more

Show at The Bank, Eye, Suffolk

Pictures fresh from Chromatech before winging themselves to Eye. The exhibition ‘The Transient Nature of Light’ from February 26th to April 4th in The Bank, … more

Light Drawing Workshop

Here we go – we had a light drawing workshop last night at the OVADA warehouse with Oxford Hack Space which involved Tim Stephen’s … more

Tree scan

This is a tree scanned by electroluminescent wire: … more

More birds on Port Meadow

The charcoal lines are the traces of birds flying into Port Meadow, Oxford. In the 36 seconds represented in this image, the birds fly … more

Bird trails on Port Meadow

Trails of birds, like black fireflies fly in and land on the flooded part of Port Meadow. 24×13.5cm giclée print @ … more

Mill Stream on Thames turbulence

Turbulent patterns where the Oxford Mill Stream joins the Thames. The white streaks are debris including blossom and bubbles. Print for sale here. … more

Hill End light writing

Niko and I went to the Hill End ‘Hollywood’ sign to do some experimental laser photography for the forthcoming festival proposed there. … more

Laser illuminated sculptures

Laser illumination creates interesting lighting effects. The light source is projected to the object which illuminates it’s surroundings from the point of illumination. So … more

Light pen drawings

These photographs are taken on a long exposure and illuminated with an LED pen. Using the body as a canvas you can create distortions … more

Bike Ride around OVADA

I went for two bicycle rides around the OVADA Warehouse: the first one, clockwise and the second one anticlockwise. I passed Ildiko Buckley and … more

Spirograph Light Drawing

These drawings were made by suspending LEDs and weights on a piece of thread, swinging them into motion and photographing them on a long … more