Cheshire Cat

Tim Stephen’s LED strip with the cat face with torch lit silhouette with 4 legs and a kind of tail

Hugh genie

Hugh Genie effect with red laser line

LED strip flames

Tim Stephens LED strip with flame trail

EL - wire

Electroluminescent wire with silhouette


Turkey attempt


Bacteriophage on LED strip

Here we go – we had a light drawing workshop last night at the OVADA warehouse with Oxford Hack Space which involved Tim Stephen’s LED strip with fire and cat faces, and the red laser and the electroluminescent wire.

It all went to plan and with Oxford Times photographer Andrew Walmsey present it ended up on the front page of the Oxford Times:


“…uses lasers to augment reality with digital whimsy!”  Photo on the Oxford Times front page by Andrew Walmsley. I like the title “Moving Time” which pretty much sums up what the work is about.




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