The boundaries between illustrations and drawing cross over but most of the illustrations are from the realms of my imagination. I am a compulsive doodler and many of my illustrations spawn from sketch books full of doodles. Telephone calls are my most creative time for doodling, as are noisy pubs with doodle enhanced conversations.

Turn around where possible

Santa isn’t having a good time today – it was a poor decision to ditch the reindeer and deploy Cedric the snail… Keep going … more

The Mark II Lamprey

  The Mark II Lamprey gets its name from the array of inward pointing fins on the air intake which superficially resemble the mouthparts of a parasitic jawless … more


Bearitania – hedonocratic benign dictatorship run by a pair of bears populated with marshmallow pigs, cola bottle penguins and singing snails. Everybody is happy … more

Angler Fishing

A giant angler fish illuminates a dangerously close bathyscape Trieste while attached male fish look on.


Risinghurst Fun Day

These are the paintings from the Risinghurst Fun Day that takes place in early September every year at the United Reformed Church just off … more

Bossaphonik Flyer Summer 2014

Yet again another round of Bossaphonik – this time a space themed flyer. Check out for details of forthcoming gigs. … more

Oxford Hack Space Flyer

Octopii are great! They have a weird siphon which I think is their mouth. I thought it would be fun to portray Hack Space, … more

Penrose Tiling

I wanted to use the pentagon template to see if I could make the quasi-repeating Penrose Tile…


There was an old lady…

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly, I don’t know why she swallowed a fly, Perhaps she’ll die.   There was an … more

Trumpet Genie

This genie emerges from the horn of a trumpet. He likes to blow his own trumpet. Well there’s a second genie that likes to … more

Hugh’s Doodles!

I love doodling.  I usually end up with a collection of mentalist animals in unlikely scenarios. One day I’ll turn them into a children’s … more

Fart Wrestler

This was conceived on a comics drawing course with Adam Murphy at the Oxford Jam Factory. To decide the subject two words were pulled … more

Trompe-l’œil Mural

I painted this trompe l’euil mural as part of a garden design project. The only thing missing is Bilbo Baggins… … more


Mural for play room featuring the family dog, a duck, a tractor, a helicopter and the cast of Wind In the Willows, all applied … more

Frog Nest

Chalk Pastels 30x23cm Original artwork and prints prints available from … more

Cat Fish Bowl

Chalk Pastel 30x23cm Original artwork and prints prints available from … more

City Snail

I’ve never found snails very scary until I encountered this one. … more