I would like to have included everything and everybody in the Cowley Road but the lack of space prevailed so we only have snippets.

This collage includes (from left to right): The Dodgy Deli, Taylor’s of Oxford, Beeline Bicycles, the Polish Supermarket, the Oriental Food Store with Tim Murphy and Benny Wenda from West Papua outside, the Quarter Horse coffee shop with my exhibition and poster inside it, the Jamaican Eating House with Andy outside (thanks Dan Hart for the photo), 722027 with a party in the doorway, the former Brickworks now The Library, the Half Moon (not strictly on the Cowley Road), some of the Cowley Road Carnival, The Black Swan, the security guards who tried to confiscate my camera, the Dreaming spires of Oxford, Nando’s, The Utimate Picture Palace, The Truck Store, Quix that was the newsagent, the bus stop but with the Head shop’s window behind; Bodrums, The Excelsior (sadly closed) and Fred’s…There are loads of other details including Cottage Chicken sign, various graffiti, the Mosque and churches, a balloon from G&Ds, and the person on the bicycle LHS I think is historian and astronomer Alan Chapman.

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