While I have been walking my dog I’ve toured the badger sets where they’ve excavated bottles while burrowing their sets. I built up quite a collection and it got to the point where I had little idea as to what to do with nearly 300 bottles.

So the idea of a chandelier came about. I had turned several bottles into light bulbs thanks to instructions on Big Clive’s YouTube video – two of which I turned into wedding presents.

Framed around a bicycle wheel and using a barbecue lid in which to mount the otherwise rather awkward jars of ‘Shippam’s paste’ and ‘Vinolax’, the chandelier took shape – with a seemingly endless list of parts from all over eBay, Farnell and Maplins.

Work is still in progress and it should be ready for the Director’s Cut exhibition at OVADA on April 6th.

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